I work well with 2 kinds of dietitians.


Dietitians who want increase their rates and start charging what they’re worth…


Confidently increasing your rates is a skill, whether you’re just getting started or you’ve in business for a while.


It’s all about shifting your mindset and managing your thoughts about money. And this is a practice that you take action on daily.


In the Charge What You’re Worth private mentoring program, I give my clients the foundational mindset and practical steps they need to market themselves and make more money.


This isn’t surface-level stuff. It’s mindset mastery. It’s emotional intelligence meets brain psychology.


It’s what you need to make more money as a dietitian business owner.


Dietitians who are making a consistent income and ready to take their business to the next level…


When you’re starting to make strides in your business and you’re bringing in consistent income, it’s time to create a business that’ll bring in that “next level” money (whatever that means for you).


For some, that means $50,000/yr.


For others, that means $150,000/yr (or more).


In the Money Mindset & Marketing Mastermind, I show you how to create your business with a future-based mindset, as we strategically plan how to build wealth.


While this is a group mastermind, I give lots of hands-on attention here. You have my step-by-step involvement in your business, as well as the support from your mastermind partners.


Your next level in business requires 100% commitment on both sides. I give you my commitment. Your job is to give yours.

If you’re interested in either program, the first step in getting started is a FREE MINI SESSION with me.

The MINI SESSION is the perfect way  to find out if my work is what you need for your business, and we’ll both know by the end of the call.

Sound good?

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