Let me start by telling you what it DOESN’T take.


Focusing on AD’s, FUNNELS, or SCARCITY marketing tactics.


OR writing lengthy emails, tweaking your website, or going LIVE on social.


And it DEFINITELY isn’t about spending endless amounts of time convincing potential clients your credentials are the most credible.


What really makes building a business simple & effective is …

Problem is: You’re not so sure of how to put a price tag on your services.



#1 – You’re closer to your financial goals than you realize. 

#2 – Charging what you’re worth isn’t as hard as you think.


Knowing WHAT to do is just one part of the puzzle, but it’s not the only thing you have to get properly aligned in order to get your mind right and feel good in your jeans.


What would happen if you declared “It’s MY time!” and made a commitment to yourself?


Would you make better decisions about how you nourish your body?



Would you feel more confident because you’re looking and feeling your best?



Would you get social, and hang out more, because you’re feeling more like the YOU that once was before?



Would you have more energy to get more things done, including things for YOU? (hello SELF-CARE!)



Would you feel like you’re living your best life, kinda like Stella when she finally found her groove?




With your Whole Body Wellness Blueprint, you’ll walk away with the exact steps you need to take in order to make yourself a priority again, so you can jumpstart your commitment to self-care, have more energy and feel confident in your body again!


Here’s what you’ll get with your Whole Body Wellness Blueprint Power Session:

Comprehensive Whole Body Wellness Assessment: This comprehensive pre-session assessment will help lay the foundation of our work together by assessing where you are now, any struggles you’re experiencing, and what it is you want for your over health & well-being. 

The results from your assessment will allow me to craft personalized expert recommendations for your overall health. From there, I’ll create your unique custom blueprint. 


Accelerated 90-Minute Power Session: During our 90-minute Power Session, with your completed Wellness Blueprint as the guide, we’ll dive deeper into the ways you can start making yourself a priority ALL in areas of your life, not just the physical, but the mental, emotional and spiritual, as well.

At the end of our session, you’ll feel more confident knowing that we’ve addressed everything that makes you who you are today as we craft the vision for who you’ll become in the coming months ahead.


Your Personalized Whole Body Wellness Blueprint: During our session, together we’ll review your personalized plan, with my signature Whole Body Wellness Lifestyle process as the guide. This process encompasses all areas of your life, not just diet & exercise. So you’ll know exactly what you need to put into action in order to reach your goals.

No more frustration, confusion, or procrastination because you’ll be inspired to get into action with this easy-to-implement, personalized blueprint.


Personal Follow-Up Support: When you begin taking action on your own, you’ll undoubtedly have questions along the way. You can rest assured that I’ll be there for you after our session.

You’ll receive a one (1) 30-minute check-in session to address any questions or concerns you may have to keep you moving towards your goal. No more winging it on your own because I’m right there with you through the thick of it all.

Here’s what clients are saying about the Whole Body Wellness Blueprint:

“Thank you Christine for your generosity and expertise! Just the process of completing the assessment was so illuminating for me, and then getting to spend that time together felt really good, and I learned so much from you.

I am already feeling calmer and less anxious after taking action to create a better experience for myself.

I took time to tidy my room because of the clarity I had that order helps me feel safe. I took a walk yesterday and I drank more water. And the biggest thing so far is that I took time last night to prepare for my day today, and as a result I felt so much more relaxed upon waking and even had time to do the fire breathing before work. Thank you!!!!!” -Stephanie Briggs


“How many powerful questions can be asked during a 90-minute call? Definitely more than you think! I really needed some help getting ‘unstuck’ in my healthcare journey. My weight was up, my cholesterol was up and blood pressure was up, but I just couldn’t get my motivation up enough to tackle the problems. During my session, Christine asked challenging questions, but in a way that was compassionate and supportive. I left the call with more insight around why I was stuck (I’m a perfectionist who doesn’t deal well with diet failure) and a very clear action plan to move me beyond the hurdles that my mindset was creating. I can honestly say that the session was unlike anything I’ve previously experienced. If other approaches haven’t worked and you’re open to the coaching, you’ll find the accelerated 90-minute session may be exactly what you need.

Just a few short weeks after our session together, I am down 8 pounds and 49 cholesterol points! Even recently, when they were taking my blood to do the 30 day lipid recheck, the doctor was trying to convince me that I needed to go on a statin. I refused because I felt that we should at least see if the diet and lifestyle changes were moving me in the right direction. I’m so glad I stuck to my guns because, low and behold, my total cholesterol had dropped from 224 to 175… and my LDL went from 149 to 113. I still have a few points to go on that one to get it below 100, but I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the progress I’ve made in just a few weeks.” -Joy Duling, Bartonville, IL

“It was good to work with Christine. She is very down to earth and not judgmental. She meets you where you are on your health journey. One of my most important takeaways that she said to me often is “be gentle with yourself”. That has really stuck with me as I tend to be hard on myself. During our time working together, I began making better choices with my eating. Like choosing healthy snacks and focusing more on preparing my meals. I feel that Christine has helped me to see the small consistent actions that will lead me to success with my big goals. Thank you Christine!” -Audrey Washington


Is the Whole Body Wellness Blueprint a good fit for you?

I love helping women FULLY step into their greatness, and FEELING great is the first step in doing that. You may be wondering “Is this the right fit for me?”


This session is perfect for you if:

You’re ready to make the commitment for long-term results. You’ll be amazed at what shifts can happen in such a short period of time! My clients are always surprised by what takes place in just 90-minutes!


You’re fully committed to making yourself a priority. We will lay the foundation for you to create an amazing life (because life IS amazing when you’re committed to taking good care of yourself). If you already have a sense that “This is your time”, this session is the perfect starting point for you.


You’re already pretty good at making healthy choices, but just need a few tweaks here and there. Most women that I work with have already been through a plethora of diets over their lifetime and aren’t looking for another one. Instead you WILL walk away with what you need to feel confident in making the right food & lifestyle choices for your individual body. You likely have a few questions about what you’re currently doing, and we’ll get your questions answered pronto.



Are you ready to take the necessary steps towards achieving a Whole Body Wellness lifestyle?


You’re one call away from putting your self-care on auto-pilot and feeling fiiiiine in your own skin. Like being a hot shot CEO with a life you’d pay a designer beau coupé big ones to create. Totally dreamy, yes? YES!


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