Whether you’re a brand new RD or you’ve been around for a while, you’ve likely heard of the online resource NutritionJobs.com. Today you’re in for a treat!

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine interviews Stacey Dunn Emke, owner of NutritionJobs.com, about how she has created her business over 20 years ago, before the age of the internet and online marketing. Stacey has built her platform into a highly profitable business and a valuable resource for dietitians and you don’t want to miss out on her nuggets of wisdom, no matter where you are on your career path!



  • Stacey’s journey of becoming a dietitian
  • How & why Stacey started NutritionJobs.com
  • How Stacey overcame her feelings of shame & guilt when she started making more money than her colleagues
  • Why documenting your work/career successes is important in the process of describing the value you bring to your role as a dietitian
  • The importance of keeping your resume up-to-date, even if you’re a more seasoned dietitian
  • The difference between a resume and a Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Stacey’s opinion on why RD’s aren’t paid as well as other Allied Health Professionals
  • Why “waiting for the ice cream truck to come in the wintertime” isn’t the smartest thing to do (and what that actually means!)



Stacey Dunn-Emke, MS, RDN is the Founding Owner of NutritionJobs, an online career portal for dietitians and dietitians-to-be, offering dietetic career tools, courses, and jobs. She is celebrating 20 years in business this year! Stacey is the author of The Dietetic Resume Guide and specializes in boosting professional opportunities for dietitians with 1:1 coaching and self-guided courses on Dietetic Resume Reviews, LinkedIn Profile reviews, and Job Interviewing Prep.  

Stacey is a champion for dietitians by boosting confidence and skills to create more opportunities. She has worked in clinical, community, management, outpatient, research, and now as a dietetic entrepreneur. Stacey has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and MSNBC.






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