Being a nutrition expert doesn’t automatically lend you the expertise in selling. And this became painfully obvious after experiencing 11 people IN A ROW decline her coaching offers during scheduled discovery calls. Ouch!

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine shares her top 3 lessons she learned after 11 people said NO to coaching with her. She also shares 6 reasons why your potential clients are declining to work with you (and NONE of them have to do with money).



  • The top 3 lessons learned after hearing 11 no’s in a row. 
  • The percentage of people who use lack of money as their reason for saying no (and why that’s a lie). 
  • Who to blame for the no’s on discovery calls (every single time).
  • 6 true reasons why people say no discovery calls, and how to convert those no’s into yeses in the future.



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