Deanna Belleny is the co-founder and Director of Programs at Diversify Dietetics. She was inspired to found Diversify Dietetics after several thought-provoking personal experiences as a student and a dietetics professional of color. Deanna’s practice background is in public health and healthcare quality improvement. She has worked for close to 10 years planning, implementing, and evaluating programs that impact underrepresented minority groups. Additionally, she has trained numerous allied health teams and leaders in both professional and interpersonal skill development. She is passionate about equity and supporting students and professionals of color who wish to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics.

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine and Deanna have an incredible conversation about how Deanna met cofounder Tamara Melton and the idea of Diversify Dietetics was born. They have a raw and honest conversation about the lack of diversity in the industry and how that has impacted them directly. 


  •  All about the topics Diversity Dietetics covers with their webinars and programs. 
  • How we can highlight representation. 
  • What does it look like to be a registered dietitian of color. 
  • Why diversity in our industry is so important. 
  • Some ways we can address a lack of diversity or openness to diversity in the industry. 
  • Some of the conscious and unconscious biases that exist. 


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