Kim Rose is a Florida-based dietitian and nutritionist who specializes in health and wellness concerns for underserved populations. Her inclusive approach and philosophy revolve around making nutrition easy and attainable. Kim does this by addressing complex food and wellness topics for the general public and professionals alike. She appears in places like healthline, HuffPost, Fitbit blog, and health magazine. 

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine and Kim discuss Kim’s journey to finding dietetics and her love for clinical dietetics. They also discuss how Kim was able to collaborate with brands through YouTube. And they share how you can take these steps in your business. 


  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid of doctors or nurses and be confident in your skills. 
  • How to be a patient advocate and speak up for your patients.
  • How to get noticed by brands to collaborate on avenues like YouTube and Instagram. 
  • Why consistency is so key. 
  • How to turn “no’s” into stepping stones. 
  • How to realize your worth and negotiate your salary. 
  • How to track your impact. 
  • What critical points to use to negotiate your salary. 
  • Why relationship building is so important no matter your setting. 


Learn more about Kim: kimrosedietitian.com 

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