When starting a new business we are often jaded to believe we can do one or two things and we will be flooded with business. We forget that there is a real cost involved in doing business. And, new business requires a commitment to consistency and persistent actions until something happens. 

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine discusses the real cost of doing business. And she discusses why you need to be willing to fail, willing to invest and try new things in your business. 


  • How much time is required to invest in your new business. 
  • How much time you should spend on marketing your new business.
  • Why consistency is so important to success. 
  • Why failures are vital to success. 
  • How established businesses can still achieve their goals while still investing in marketing.
  • What financial investments you should make in your business. 
  • Why you need to lose your mind in order to succeed. 


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