Cognitive dissonance is the tension that arises when you think one way, but you act another. Or, when you hold two opposing views at the same time. For example, if you want to lose weight, but you take actions that prevent you from losing weight like over-eating, this is an example of cognitive dissonance.

You may believe that you’re the only one who struggles with cognitive dissonance. But, you’re not. We all have this struggle. Sometimes this struggle is a good thing. But having too much of that unresolved tension is not a good thing.

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine Dyan explores how cognitive dissonance has an impact on your life and ultimately your dietitian business. And, she explores practical steps you can take to reconcile this tension and use it to actually grow. Recognizing when your beliefs and behaviors are in conflict or recognizing when two beliefs actually oppose one another, can help you better understand your values and what you stand for. And ultimately recognizing this can help you understand yourself better.


  • Why it’s important to do resolve your cognitive dissonance alongside someone who can guide you through resolving the dissonance once you discover it.
  • 3 practical steps to reconcile and reduce cognitive dissonance in your life. 
  • How you can talk yourself into a new belief. 
  • Steps you can take to actually prevent some cognitive dissonance in the first place. 
  • How beliefs affect your outcome.
  • Practical tips and reminders on how to be more mindful and approach cognitive dissonance. 


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