The power of your story is beyond any marketing message you could use in your business. When you tell your story, you leave an opportunity for your people to relate to you and find you. This helps draw people to you and your business. Your story is a combination of all of the lessons learned in your life. And you can share these lessons by sharing your story.

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine Dyan shares her story. All the way back to her childhood being raised by her Grandmother and encouraged to enroll in the clean plate club. She discusses how all of her experiences formed her relationship with food and set the stage for her life and career path as a dietitian. And she shares how she discovered her dream to help others while also becoming her best self. 


  • How Christine’s childhood experienced formed her relationship with food and her body.
  • What path Christine thought she’d pursue.
  • How Christine discovered that her true passion is helping people maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Why Christine was so drawn to learning about dietetics. 
  • Why, after learning all of the things in school, Christine still struggled with weight, body image, and self-acceptance.
  • How Christine’s private practice was born.
  • No matter what iteration of her business Christine was in, she realized it was always about mindset.
  • All of the things that Christine has learned on how to be successful with her body, her business, her finances. 


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