Laura Poburan is a Nutrition Business Coach who started her journey as a personal trainer. After the business she created with her husband was no longer bringing her fulfillment and aligning with her purpose, she put pen to paper and let her inspiration take over. That is how Laura’s incredible business began coaching certified nutritionists on how to use trigger mapping to better meet the needs of their clients and grow their business. 

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine Dyan and Laura Poburan discuss how Laura’s innovative concept of trigger mapping has enabled her to create lifetime transformational results for her clients and in her nutritional coaching business. They discuss how not trying to fix every problem for your client in the moment leads you to really listen and lead them to their own breakthrough. 


  • What trigger mapping is.
  • What exploratory questioning is and how you can use it to take an unbiased approach with your clients.
  • The one thing that most of your clients really want from you. 
  • Why finding the source of the problem is essential to finding a permanent solution. 
  • How a Nutrition Coach differs from a Dietitian.
  • How trigger mapping can help you create lifetime transformations for your clients.
  • The difference between little mini breakthroughs and transformational results.
  • The deep change that people are looking for right now.
  • Why the preframe is important for setting up a successful consult and your ability to built trust with your clients. 


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