Ashley Koff, owner, and founder of The Better Nutrition Program has done it all. For over 20 years, she’s helped thousands of individuals, businesses, and practitioners get better results. She’s also an advisor, author, spokesperson, and advocate for better health.

In this episode, Ashley and Christine discuss all of the things that either hold you back from or empower you to be successful in your nutrition business. And Ashley gives us a candid look at her journey which brought her from drinking nothing but goat’s milk for 7 days to becoming one of the most successful dietitians in the world. 

  • How Ashley came to discover her own digestion issues and how that influenced her journey. 
  • Why Ashley started The Better Nutrition Program.
  • Why it’s so important to learn the business side of the dietitian business.
  • The power and importance of personalized coaching.
  • What inspires Ashley to keep going and growing. 
  • The importance of investing in yourself. 
  • Why customized coaching works far better than cookie-cutter worksheets. 
  • What qualities you already have that give you the greatest potential to be the owner of an incredible nutrition business. 


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