I believe you CAN make more money in your career as a dietitian. But if your mind is fraught with negative thoughts & beliefs about money, your potential to earn more, and why you’re not capable of earning more, you’ll have a very difficult time reaching your income goals. 

In this episode, I’m sharing how to identify your negative thought patterns and how to manage them so you can more easily reach your career goals.



  • How to distinguish between different patterns of negative thinking
  • What to do when you catch yourself in the act of judging yourself or others
  • Why getting support to manage negative thinking is so important



  • 3:00 – Why your thoughts/beliefs are just opinions and not factual
  • 5:55 – Why you should release attachment to the outcome when it comes to achieving your goals
  • 7:40 – How you can begin to change your negative thoughts about money
  • 9:07 – The different types of Thought Distortions and how to resolve them
  • 12:00 – How to challenge your Thought Distortions to prove they are not true
  • 13:15 – How to take a break from negative thinking and separate yourself from negative thoughts
  • 14:45 – How you can release judgement of yourself and others to manage your negative thinking
  • 15:18 – What to do if you notice yourself judging someone else 
  • 18:30 The positive effects of gratitude on your happiness quota
  • 20:16 The importance of getting additional support to help you overcome your negative thought distortions



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