True leadership means you do things differently than most of the rest, and this is especially true for dietitians. We are leaders in the nutrition field, and we need to learn how to set ourselves apart from others in the industry. This can be difficult (especially during a pandemic), but I encourage you to step into your leadership today. 

On this episode, I’m sharing tips on how you can take the beginning steps of creating a more professional image, even in the midst of a pandemic when all you really want to do is wear yoga pants all. day. long.



  • How to show up for yourself
  • What to consider for your leadership image
  • Why maintaining a routine is crucial



  • 5:30: Why it’s important to step into your leadership role at this current time in history
  • 9:00: Why you should still show up for yourself even during a pandemic
  • 12:05: How to pick an at-home work style and clothing to match that style
  • 13:00: How to set up a successful work-from-home environment
  • 15:40: How to step into your leadership. And, why it’s so important
  • 17:55: What to do to show up for yourself so others know you’re serious about your business
  • 20:00: Your legacy will outlast you. How does that affect what you do today in your business?



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