There are 3 core beliefs that need to be firmly in place within you if you want clients to say “Yes!” to work with you: Belief in yourself, Belief in your client, and Belief in your offer/services. This is also known as The Belief Triad.

In this episode of the Make More Money as a Dietitian Podcast, Christine talks about how having a strong belief in yourself as a dietitian can affect your business goals. 



  • The origin of the concept of The Belief Triad. 
  • Why believing in yourself is important, no matter if you’re a new RD or a more seasoned RD. 
  • How a strong belief in yourself can attract clients to your business (like bees to honey).
  • The importance of letting go of Impostor Syndrome and other limiting beliefs.
  • A simple 5-10-minute exercise you can do to become aware of the thoughts/beliefs you currently have about yourself as a dietitian.



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