Let me start by telling you what it DOESN’T take.


Focusing on AD’s, FUNNELS, or SCARCITY marketing tactics.


OR writing lengthy emails, tweaking your website, or going LIVE on social.


And it DEFINITELY isn’t about spending endless amounts of time convincing potential clients your credentials are the most credible.


What really makes building a PROFITABLE business simple & effective is …

Problem is: You’re not so sure of what price tag to put on your services.

Listen… I want to tell you TWO important things:


 #1 – You can charge what you want for your services, even if they’re PREMIUM RATES 


#2 – You deserve to earn top dollar because your expertise is WORTH IT

Let me help you end your money struggles!

All you need is guidance and support around learning the proven principles of Money, Mindset & Marketing for your unique nutrition practice, in an easy-to-follow system. And that’s exactly what I’ll teach you in my 9-month private coaching program.

This mentorship program is perfect for you if:

  • You struggle with asking for money from potential clients.
  • You feel confused about what to charge for your current services
  • You want to create packages for your services, but you have no idea where to start
  • You want to feel more confident in your business and claim the role of a Pro CEO

Here’s what we’ll work on:

Here’s what you get when you enroll:



  • One (1) 90-minute “Kick-Off” Strategy Session

  • Three (3) monthly private 1-hr Money, Mindset & Marketing coaching calls a month (27 calls total)

  • Biweekly accountability check-ins between coaching sessions

  • Monthly Money Mindset audio trainings with accompanying worksheets

  • Customized feedback on your unique business services


  • Unlimited email & text support via Voxer

Get started for just $495


Followed by 9 monthly installments of $625

(total investment of $6120)