Today I woke up in tears. I’ve been holding in and onto so much lately and the overflow of emotions was released.


My husband walked into the room and asked “Allergies acting up again?” I replied, “No, I am just overwhelmed with all that’s happening in the world.”


But what I didn’t say was that I’m also feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s happening in my own life, too.


Don’t get me wrong, 2020 hasn’t been as bad for me as it has for so many others. As a matter of fact, I’ve been tremendously blessed this year. Oftentimes, I feel guilty about that.


But I still continue to struggle with the one thing that I know will set me free once I have it mastered: BOUNDARIES.


Boundaries have been the bain of my existence for the majority of my adult life. I have no problem setting them, but upholding them has been the biggest struggle, especially with those who are closest to me.


I am constantly feeling like I’m being pulled in 100 different directions all at once. Mom, wife, business owner, coach. Because I love hard. And I hold space for others in strong, deeply compassionate ways.


I am a highly sensitive and intuitive person. I oftentimes see and sense what others do not. It’s why my husband couldn’t understand why I literally woke up in tears about things that I have no control over.


What’s ironic is that I have 100% control over upholding boundaries in my life. And yet, I struggle. I am a work in progress just like everyone else.


My intention and deepest desire is to get this boundary thorn out of my side. I want to finish 2020 strong by firmly and confidently upholding boundaries in my life.


Instead of feeling guilty when saying “No” to anyone or anything that pulls at me for attention, I want to feel confident in my response. I also want to keep my cup at the status of  “More Than Enough” instead of “Just Enough.”


I see myself permanently taking Fridays off in my business to completely unplug and scheduling quarterly staycations to regroup and recharge.


I see myself creating even more Self Care Rich-uals that’ll lead me towards a more abundant internal existence. I do pretty good with self-care, but I’m ready for an upgrade.


This mindset coach is in need of an upgrade. It’s time. No, actually it’s past time and I’m beyond ready.