Finally…Lose The Unwanted Weight You’ve Been Struggling With For Years

in a little as 6 months 

AND gain the energy & confidence to do the things you’ve been holding back on


(without trendy diets, food restrictions or hard-to-follow meal plans and exercise routines)

If you’re a smart, savvy, successful woman who feels like you’re doing all the right things in most areas of your life, and you’re looking to lose weight, have more energy and feel confident in you body again…all while creating a LIFESTYLE you feel really good about, you probably already know that achieving all of this isn’t about willpower or spending countless hours in the gym.



So I’ll spare you all the “eat this, not that” or “30-days to flat abs” jargon, k?


I’m not here to sell you false weight loss success promises that I’m sure you’ve heard about a million times over.


Because I know you’re smarter than that. You’ve lost weight before in the past and it’s not so much about WHAT you need to do, it’s more about HOW to do it more consistently as a way of life.


And you probably also want to cut to the chase and do what really works for YOU, instead of hopping on the next diet bandwagon coming because “everyone’s doing it”.

Even if you eat healthy most of the time, have a semi-regular exercise routine and practice self-care on those stressful days, having an experienced nutritionist & life coach in your corner can help you:


Create a Customized Plan


Set & maintain realistic goals


Get Faster Results


End the weight loss/weight gain rollercoaster for good







A 6-month health coaching program for the woman who’s ready to experience her life & her health in soul-nourishing ways.  You’ll learn the proven practices of healing your mind & emotions in ways that leave your body feeling healthy & strong. 


THE WHOLE BODY WELLNESS EXPERIENCE is for the woman who’s SPENT MOST OF HER LIFE FOCUSING ON HER CARERR AND taking care of others and leaves little time for herself. If that’s you, THIS PROGRAM IS JUST FOR YOU!

The Whole Body Wellness Lifestyle is the foundation of this transformational health coaching program


Imagine never dieting again or restricting yourself from your favorite foods. I’ll help you master what’s called “intuitive eating” so you can learn how to listen to your body’s cues for what and how much it wants. This will give you the dieting and body weight freedom you’ve been searching for for years.



Deep self-care is essential and lays the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. This isn’t about massages, mani’s and pedi’s (although those things are nice). DEEP self-care goes beyond the physical and nourishes you on a mind, body, spirit level. I’ll guide you through perfectly-curated practices that will support you in giving back to yourself in a soul-nourishing way.



It’s essential that we have something that draws us closer to ourselves and closer to God. Together we’ll co-create a spiritual practice that will give you the peace, clarity and grounding required to complete your daily tasks with ease.



Rituals help to actualize the intentions set for your life vision and the routines help to put everything into consistent action. Together we’ll co-create your ideal routines and rituals that will eliminate any guesswork and keep you from ‘flying by the seat of your pants’ on a daily basis.



Yoga is more than ‘exercise’. It’s movement and energy flow in synergy with breath. Yoga is also the perfect way to connect with your body on a deeper level. As a certified yoga teacher, I’ll support and guide you through a carefully-curated sequence of asanas that will help you connect to your body and give it the energy it needs.



How you move through your life (i.e. your ‘life rhythm’) controls your energy and the ultimate outcome of your vision. There are also seasons and cycles that we all go through, and when you honor them, life becomes a lot sweeter and easier to digest. I’ll guide you into learning your unique life rhythm and how to honor your seasons & cycles in life while you’re manifesting your goals.



You can’t get where you want to go without having a VISION for it first. I believe God gives us all a vision for our lives and it’s up to us to create time and space for it to manifest. I’ll guide you through the process of crafting the vision for your life & your health. Because you cannot separate what you want for your health & your life – they’re one in the same.



When your energy is blocked or stagnant, it can often lead to stress or mind/body illness. Through a committed meditation & movement practice, you’ll keep your energy clean & clear and maintain vibrancy throughout the day.

The Whole Body Wellness Lifestyle  is exactly what you need to take your life and your health to the next level. This process is very detailed and customized to meet your unique needs. This is NOT a “cookie cutter” process, which means if you do the work, you’ll achieve life-changing results.

Here’s what’s included in the Whole Body Wellness Experience 

6-month program:

Component 1: TWELVE (12) 60-minute Private Coaching Calls w/Christine Dyan

I’ll teach you practices that will allow you to feel a greater sense energy and balance in your body and your life. Our private coaching sessions will begin with the vision you have for your overall health. From there, I’ll share with you the foundational practices to manage your mind & emotions so that you feel more grounded, healthy & whole.

These practices include:

Creating & aligning with your vision

Intention & goal setting

Creating daily routines & rituals

Setting boundaries & eliminating distractions

Energy & time management

Creating Your Nutrition & Lifestyle Blueprint



Component 2: EIGHT (8) SPECIAL AUDIO TRAININGS on the Pillars of the Whole Body Wellness Lifestyle

These 30-minute special training calls will provide you with advanced level methods for developing and taking action on your health goals. These deep, information-packed trainings will provide the inner and outer building blocks and skills you need to be successful. That’s 4 additional hours of incredible information and learning with me!

Topics include:

Giving Your Body What it Needs with Whole Body Nourishment

Connecting to Your Body with Yoga Body Movement

Developing Your Spirituality Practice

Staying Committed to Deep Self-Care

The Importance of Pleasure & Play

Maintaining Your Life Rhythm

Honoring Your Body During the Seasons & Cycles of Life

Creating a Whole Body Wellness Lifestyle Vision



Component 3: Unlimited Email Support  

You’ll need support between our coaching sessions and I’m here for you 100%. You’ll have access to my private email and I encourage you to use it.

As a private client, you’ll get immediate (within 24 hrs) response & support from me Monday-Friday. Clients enjoy thos part of the program knowing they have me at their disposal when emergencies arise.



Component 4: Access to the Secure “Practice Better” Portal & Phone App

This is where you will access all of the audio trainings, supplementary educational materials and worksheets for your complete Whole Body Wellness Experience.



Component 5: Free access to a customized meal plan of your choice  

Having a customized weekly meal plan will help take the “what’s for dinner” question out of the equation every night. Not only will you have access to delicious, dietitian-approved meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you’ll also have the convenience of printing your shopping list so you can easily grocery shop every week!


You can:

Access and customize your meal plan every week to meet your dietary needs

Simplify grocery shopping and meal preparation with customized shopping lists that you can print and take with you on your shopping trip

Stay on course with eating healthier meals at home, instead of eating out

Feel good about the food you’re eating because you’re preparing it yourself (and it’s dietitian-approved!)

Participation requirements: Because of the high-touch nature of this program, I’m very selective about who I work with in this unique program. Therefore, you MUST qualify in order to apply:

You understand the value of investing time, energy and money in your health

You understand there's more to achieving optimal health than diet & exercise

You’re open-minded to non-traditional, holistic ways of achieving your health goals

You’re somewhat familiar with all things holistic, like kombucha & ashwagandha - or you're open to learning- and you're ready to kick-it-up-notch and do what it takes to take your health to the next level

During our 6-month journey, you’ll receive ongoing support, preparing you to steer confidently in the direction of your goals & desires for your life and your health for ongoing, lasting results.

Here’s what clients are saying about Christine Dyan’s Whole Body Wellness Coaching:

Anyone working with Christine Dyan must know that they have a very dedicated leader, teacher & guide that will give them the tools to unlock their potential better health. “The best part of working with her has been her ability to set an intention for each call, a focus, and her ability to listen. For some years now, nutritionists I have seen and even doctors did not want to hear what I believed was going on in my body, yet Christine’s blueprint confirmed what I knew was true. For once, someone listened and cared that I wanted improve myself, inside and out. She made me feel empowered and also completely supported each week! I know that her presence and positive nature will make all the difference as I go forward. “ ~Saran Ohst

Christine has the unique ability to provide practical, doable support for real women with busy lives. “And, her approach is comprehensive and holistic. The best part of working with Christine is that she gave me a blueprint featuring small changes that I made which resulted in significant improvements to my health. And, I’m COOKING! That alone is huge (that’s NOT a small change for me.) I never cooked much at all and didn’t have any interest in it. Now, I’m cooking for myself and eating much healthier foods. If you’re looking for guidance and support to make healthy lifestyle improvements, I highly recommend working with Christine.” 

~Elaine Wellman

What would happen if you were to let go of the excuses and start taking action on your health?



Every woman has a personal reason for wanting to improve her overall health:

Some women want to look and feel better in their clothes.

Some women want more energy to make through each day.

Some women want to get out more, socialize, and network to improve their personal & professional lives.

Others just want to stay more consistent with their eating & exercise routines. 

Whatever your reason is, I want to help you get there.