Whole Body Wellness Experience Application

  • Please complete the application below so I can get a good sense of where you are right now and how I can best support you. It's VERY IMPORTANT that you give thought to your answers and complete the application questions FULLY (no "one word" answers, please).
  • I can teach you to own the fullness of who you are and sacredness of your body. And how to see the brilliance in you beyond what the number says on the scale. Helping you to overcome your life-long weight issues, while keeping your values intact. With your confidence & authenticity leading the way. Using holistic nutrition & lifestyle strategies that you’ll feel good about.
  • Please note that not all applications will be accepted, so fill this out fully. I am very selective about who I work with, and if I feel I can really help you, I’ll set up a complimentary call to assess your health & lifestyle goals further.
  • For International Applicants Only